Great app ideas deserve to be built. Each week we bring someone's app to life.
You bring the idea, we'll cover the rest.
Notice: We are currently on hiatus as we are in need of developers interested to keep the project going. Are you a developer wanting to show off your skills for a week and help create something cool? Check out the link below:

Help Create an Idea

Week 7
Race against your commute times. Idea by @lymanstoneky.
Week 6
It's the little things. Idea by @brownrygg.
Week 5
Who owes who what for what. Idea by @WingertAndrew, @samwebbexists, @nathaniel_glass.
Week 4
An alarm clock you won't want to miss. Idea by @brentholuta.
Week 3
Recapture the spirit of letters. Idea by @rtseidel.
Week 2
No motivation needed journal. Idea by @ericlevans.
Week 1
How long can you survive? Idea by @danieloleary.
What makes a great app idea?
Great apps come from simple ideas; focus is key. The apps we select to build will:

  • Solve a real need.
  • Be unique. (Have you searched the App Store for similar ideas?)
  • Be well defined. (Sketch out how the app might look.)
  • Be feasible to create within a week.
Is it really free?
Absolutely. We're in this to bring great ideas to life. All chosen apps will be created for free. They'll also show up on the App Store for free. Cool, eh?
Who owns the app once its built?
Napkn will own the apps that are built so that we can open-source them for others to learn from. Additionally, all ideas sent to Napkn will be considered public and may be shared by Napkn on Twitter/etc.
What if my friends have great ideas too?
What if I just want to follow along?
I'm a developer/designer, can I jump in?

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